The Winning Tactics Podcast
The Winning Tactics Podcast
Gregory Austin: Demystifying Recruiting for Small Business

“Recruiting, hiring, and onboarding employees takes so much effort!”

This is a sentiment I hear from so many business owners.  

While they are not wrong, our guest this week on The Winning Tactics is going to help take some of the challenges commonly faced with recruiting and squash them like a poorly written resume.

We are excited to have Recruiter, Author, and speaker Gregory Austin on to demystify recruiting for your small business.

About Gregory:

Gregory Austin is a recruiting/candidate experience expert, keynote speaker, acclaimed author, and former Savannah police officer. Having reviewed 10,000+ job applicants and employees during his 11 years of HR and recruiting experience. He helps build ProPharma Group through great hires, and helps candidates understand how to land great careers.

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