The Winning Tactics Podcast
The Winning Tactics Podcast
What We Got Wrong About SEO

Let’s face it, you want your website to be #1 on Google search.

The thing is it just not that easy anymore. With 2 BILLION websites it takes a little bit of special sauce to get your website to the top. That is where SEO or search engine optimization comes into play

This week on The Winning Tactics we are talking about What We Got Wrong About SEO with Maeva Cifuentes

About Maeva:

I build and execute create world-class strategies that focus intently on delivering on search intent and empathizing with the reader. My approach to content is holistic. Our team creates a diverse portfolio of thought leadership, bottom-of-the-funnel, and keyword-driven content to make sure our clients have a healthy content library.

Where to find Maeva:

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