The Winning Tactics Podcast
The Winning Tactics Podcast
Sculpting Your Client Experience with Mike Wittenstein

“It’s not about you it’s about them”

Do you want to learn how to close more sales and make more happy clients? Mike Wittenstein is going to take us on a journey with the stories that help you find the solutions that your clients are looking for.

Join us this week on The Winning Tactics as we dive down how to sculpt your customer experience.

About Mike:

Mike Wittenstein is an expert at strategy, change, experience design, and story. IBM’s former eVisionary, he advises leaders on how to make the next right move, fine-tune their business models, and make the best of change.

Since 2002, Mike’s company, Storyminers, has served over 800 organizations, from Fortune 100-size companies to start-ups, with game-changing-yet-practical ideas. He has earned these designations: CSP, DTM, MBA, CCXP, CMC and draws from his experience on-stage and on-line.

Mike’s style is authentic, articulate, sometimes funny, and always inspiring. Why? Because he knows how to put himself in a listener’s chair, so he can speak directly to them and address their unspoken questions.

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About Winning Tactics Podcast:

Winning Tactics is focused on providing the tools you need to meet that next goal within your business.  We will discover how you can build success in your business with the experts that are doing it.

From showing you how to adapt processes for sales, hiring, marketing, training, and operations, to finding innovative ways to make you stand out within the market, Winning Tactics Podcast is your solution to growing your business.

Vision: Provide the tools and approaches to lead, educate, and improve people and organizations.

Mission: Build a foundation for improvement in process, people, and outcomes.

Take your small business to the next level with the Winning tactics Podcast.

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