The Winning Tactics Podcast
The Winning Tactics Podcast
Brandon Lee: Unlocking the Buyers Circle of Trust

If you are struggling in sales you do not want to miss this!

Today we drive down the path of how sales is changing and what your marketing and sales teams need to do to adapt.

We are going to bust myths around:

-Who controls the modern sales process

-How it has changed the game

-How to engage potential buyers to get the sale

-Tips that your team can take away and use today!

I am excited to talk about this and more with Brandon Lee, Founder of FunnelAmplified today on The Winning Tactics.

About Brandon Lee and Funnel Amplified:

Now more than ever, marketing leaders are given revenue responsibilities and need to drive growth.

Leading companies are heavily invested in marketing staff and resources. This means that the content they are producing is incredibly valuable and for it to drive revenue it needs to reach as many prospective buyers as possible.

But how many times has marketing published good content for the team to share and they do nothing?

They simply don’t want to stop what they are doing, open their laptops, log onto their social media, copy and paste the link while trying to think up an insightful comment before posting.

So the valuable content that’s being created doesn’t get enough organic reach and they are forced to pay more per click, increasing expenses and reducing margin.

– But what if you could make social amplification easy for your team with the push of a button on their phone?

– What if you could massively increase SEO and Google analytics data while building the personal brands of your sales reps and key leaders?

– What if you could capture more top of funnel leads and automatically integrate them into your existing marketing automation and CRM?

You can. With FunnelAmplified

Learn more about Brandon at:

About The Winning Tactics Podcast:

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