Winning Tactics: Small business hacks for effective Recruiting

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The Winning Tactics podcast is built on the foundations of providing the tools and tips you need to make your small to medium business successful.  We talk to industry experts on how to build your business the right way.    
Your host Adam Sinkus brings his passion for helping people realize their full potential to the screen to help your business achieve greater success.  Over the last 10 years, he has built successful teams in the BPO industry founded on culture driven leadership and a desire for individual success.   
Small Business recruiting: 
Today we talk to the founder of, Jonaed Iqbal, about the challenges small businesses face in recruiting.  We hammer out the details on writing great job descriptions, setting realistic expectations, and challenges job seekers face with small businesses.  
When he is not sharing his wisdom you can find Jonaed at: 
About Jonaed: Jonaed Iqbal is a career consultant based in New York City. He has set out with a goal to assist people without college degrees to find new job opportunities.  He is the founder of The website is home to an innovative local job search platform, which aims to connect people with suitable career paths, even without formal degrees.  
Education is often costly and not easy to access for some people — especially young men and women. However, the absence of a degree doesn’t mean a lack of talent or skills. In fact, there are many passionate, qualified, and hard-working people around us. They’re all searching for the perfect opportunities, often bouncing from closed door to closed door. 
Through, Jonaed wants to reach out to those people, and he has designed the platform to help them access new possibilities.  Based in the New York City area, Jonaed has an extensive professional background across various industries. He has served as an actuary at MetLife and worked as a financial analyst and consultant for New York City public schools. Believing in the potential of his idea, he decided to launch  
Jonaed is a friendly and open-minded person, dedicated to his family and friends. People around him describe him as a kind, supporting, caring person, whose mission is to help others.
 Whether it’s about assisting them with their job search, tutoring them, or inspiring them with his unflinching talks — anything goes! He’s an avid networker, always looking to create meaningful connections with others – professionally and personally.   

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