The Winning Tactics Podcast
The Winning Tactics Podcast
The 5m Framework for a Better Business

Are you frustrated by the daily ups and downs your business tosses your way?

Would you like to have an easy framework that helps you sort the important from the minutia? Would you like to just get on with growing your empire?

I developed the Show me the Money, Honey framework based on the five pillars all successful businesses have in place, regardless of their age, size, and position in the market.

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About Charlene Norman:

Partner, Bad Wolf Community and Founder, BulletProof Consulting.

Charlene brings lived-in operational and boardroom experience to those who want to accelerate their own success paths.

Known as both a strategizer and a git-er-done pro, Charlene will entertain and engage your audience with humor, reliability, and common sense.

Her entire adult life, she has pled to having just three skills. She sees all the possible roads up the mountain, she chooses the best road to get up the mountain, and she digs in with the team to make the trek successful.

She has what can best be described as a 360-degree view of business. Trained first as a Chartered Professional Accountant, then nabbing an MBA in marketing, she found her true bliss in operations.

Having played Grand Poobah in companies ranging from $10 million to $1 billion in revenues, she has global, and national experience in both private and public organizations.

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About Winning Tactics Podcast:

Winning Tactics is focused on providing the tools you need to meet that next goal within your business. We will discover how you can build success in your business with the experts that are doing it.
From showing you how to adapt processes for sales, hiring, marketing, training, and operations, to finding innovative ways to make you stand out within the market, Winning Tactics Podcast is your solution to growing your business.

Vision: Provide the tools and approaches to lead, educate, and improve people and organizations.

Mission: Build a foundation for improvement in process, people, and outcomes.
Take your small business to the next level with the Winning tactics Podcast.

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