The Winning Tactics Podcast
The Winning Tactics Podcast
The New World of Sales

Let’s face it sales has changed. It is no longer about the cold hard pitch.

This week we uncover strategies around the new style and strategies that work to improve your sales.

Harry Spaight shed some light on:

How Sales have Changed
Selling in a digital forward world
Sales strategies that actually work

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About Harry:

Harry Spaight is a Keynote Speaker, Coach and Author of “Selling with Dignity-Your Formula for Life-Changing Sales Results”
After spending several years in mission work, Harry has been succeeding in Sales as an Award-Winning Multi-million Dollar Sales Producer and Sales Leader for over two decades. Selling successfully can be achieved by putting into practice timeless principles. Love others. Listen. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Speak with tact. Persist. Be patient. Be kind. Plan. Have vision. Surround yourself with wise friends. Believe.
It is not about being the best closer or being the pushiest person to get people to buy. It is about serving. Harry works with sales teams and executives to elevate their craft of selling and succeeding with dignity for the client as well as the seller. Harry is a true professional and always brings the energy!

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About Winning Tactics Podcast:

Winning Tactics is focused on providing the tools you need to meet that next goal within your business. We will discover how you can build success in your business with the experts that are doing it.
From showing you how to adapt processes for sales, hiring, marketing, training, and operations, to finding innovative ways to make you stand out within the market, Winning Tactics Podcast is your solution to growing your business.

Vision: Provide the tools and approaches to lead, educate, and improve people and organizations.

Mission: Build a foundation for improvement in process, people, and outcomes.
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