The Winning Tactics Podcast
The Winning Tactics Podcast
Building a Socially Responsible Business

As business owners, we should be looking at ways to enhance the community around us.
It becomes a critical component of our sustainable growth.

This week on the show we have Tyler Ridell talking about how to adopt a corporate social responsibility program in your small business

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About Tyler

Tyler is a highly driven and results-oriented leader. He is a disciplined problem solver and enjoys building solutions to meet customer needs. He has experience in social media, strategic communications, market research, customer service, and administration in multiple fields, including Title Insurance, Legal Services, Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), and non-profits.

Tyler graduated with honors from Oral Roberts University (ORU) with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a minor in Biology. Despite a full-time schedule, he took on a leadership role with Enactus, an ORU business leaders’ organization. In 2018, Tyler graduated from his Leadership MBA at ORU with High Honors, and he was given the ONEOK Excellence Award from the Dean of Business. Furthermore, during his masters, he began serving as the Strategic Marketing Manager for The REL Group and Co-Founded Something Good Consulting Group.

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